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Prayer Word Puzzle

This puzzle is inspired by a prayer by Rebecca Weston – 1890


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Joey and the Whale


By Carol A. Wolford-10/8/13


It was Saturday morning and 10 year old Joey Martin was up early, looking for his baseball gear.  He was going to join his buddies at the park.  “Are you ready to head for the lake?” his mom called from downstairs.  “Your breakfast is ready and getting cold.”

Joey appeared in the kitchen, mitt and baseball in hand.  “Mom, I am not going fishing with those handicapped kids today.  They can’t fish and I can’t help them.  I’ve been telling you all week that I’m not going!”

Jane Martin, Joey’s Mom, was a little blonde lady with a very big heart.  She gave lots of love and energy to others and she wanted her children to be that way too. She put down the spatula and reached for Joey’s mitt with one movement.  Then she guided her tall lanky son to the table where a stack of hot pancakes and 3 slices of crispy bacon, his favorite, changed his mind about running out the door.

Don’t you remember that Sunday School lesson about Ninevah?”  “What?” Joey mumbled through a mouthful of pancake.  “You know, when God asked Jonah to go and live with those people who weren’t like him?”  “Oh, yeah-I think so.”  “Well, remember how Jonah didn’t want to go and he ran away?  He got on a ship and a terrible storm came.  The crew of the ship thought that God sent the storm because of Jonah and they threw him overboard.  A whale swallowed him and 3 days later spit him out on the beach at Ninevah.  So even though Jonah was fighting against going there, he ended up in Ninevah anyway.  Later Jonah was used to teach those people about following God.”

“Well,” shouted Joey, “I’m not Jonah and that lake isn’t Ninevah!”  “Maybe not,” said Mom, “but God asked me to tell you that you’re going to the lake today to help some people who need you.  Oh, and He thinks that you will have some fun yourself.”

A couple of hours later Joey and his mother arrived at the lake.  Five boats were lined up at the dock, loading up kids and their fishing poles.  The dock was crowded with kids on crutches, kids in wheelchairs, and kids who just looked scared.  Joey noticed two little boys jumping around at the edge of the lake, wildly beating the water with their brand new fishing poles.  The younger one had a big ball of knotted up line in his hand.  It was clear that these boys didn’t know how to fish!

Joey ran down the bank to the rescue.  “Hey, kid-want some help?”  “No!” screamed the red-headed 4 year old.  “I’m fishing!”  “Well, maybe it would be easier if we got that knot out,” said Joey in his kindest voice.  “No, I’m fishing!” the little guy shouted again.  “Okay, maybe I can help your brother.”  The older boy’s line wasn’t quite as tangled.  Joey got it fixed up and showed Nathan how to cast it out, and then reel it back in.   After a few throws, 7 year old Nathan was doing it himself.  By this time Will was tugging on Joey, shouting, “Help me fish!”  “Okay, okay,” Joey muttered while prying Will’s fingers from the tangled pole.  Half an hour later Joey was helping Will cast out his line.  A few hours later, after casting and reeling  and untangling over and over, it was lunch time.

While eating their lunch the 3 tired boys noticed a giant balloon down below the picnic area.  “Hey Joey, let’s go down there.  Kids are going in and out of that thing and it looks like a big fish!”  Nathan was already half way down the hill but it took Joey a while to convince Will to go down there.  It actually was a big rubber bouncy house made to look like a whale.  “Boy, this is cool!” yelled Nathan, as Joey rescued Will from bouncing out the side for the third time.

Much later, when they were too worn out to jump any more, the boys just lay on the grass watching the boats on the lake.  “Why are you helping us guys when you don’t even know us Joey?”  asked Nathan. Joey was slow with his answer.  He was catching his breath from Will tickling, poking and trying to wrestle with him.  “I learned it in Sunday School, I guess,” said Joey quietly.  “God wants us to be kind just like He is kind, and He wants us to tell others about Him.  When God speaks we should listen or we might end up in the belly of a whale.”  “Hey, we were in the belly of a whale!”  Nathan said chuckling loudly.  “Can me and Will go to Sunday School with you?”  Once again It took Joey a few minutes to answer while he untangled Will’s arms from around his head.  “Sure-why not?” he said with a grin, but he was thinking about God and big fish.

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A Talk with God

A-Talk-With-GodIn Jeremiah 29: 11-12 (New International Version)

“11Then you will call on my and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.  12You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

Do we really know how important it is to teach our children to pray? At Jesus Prayer Rocks for Kids™ we believe that teaching your child to pray is one of the most important lessons your child will learn in life.  The best way we can teach our children to talk to God is by making it fun.

Jesus Prayer Rocks for Kids™ is a great way to open the door for your child to build a relationship with God.  Each week we will provide you with a FREE downloadable fun activity to do while learning to pray with Jesus Prayer Rocks for Kids™ Journaling system.

These activities will include stories, coloring, puzzles, and much more.  Come Back often to continue the FUN!

A Talk with God Puzzle




Scripture quotations taken from The Holy Bible, New International Version® NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.™ Used by permission.  All rights reserved worldwide.